7W Education platform
7W Education platform
Better education for children
Better education for children
New Era in Education
New Era in Education


It’s a progressive education system, that meets
all new challenges of the 21-st century.

7W gives answers on 7 key questions:

  • Why learn?  

To obtain knowledge and competences

  • What to learn?  

Modern content

  • How to learn?  

Using efficient technologies

  • Where to learn?  

In special creative environment

  • Who will teach?  


  • How to finance?  

According to Results

  • What will be the results?  

High value of graduates and prestige of the country

Special design of the 21st century schools
In-depth knowledge, skills and competences
Effective proportion of expenses and results
Worldwide network
The global leadership
Questionnaire - 100 HundrED Description - 7W

Main Features

100 future professions

100 future businesses

100 future competences and skills

100+ case-lessons


case lessons on air
Schools coverage
students learn cases
countries use our cases
Case Spreading Statistics in Ukraine Case Spreading Statistics in the World

Modern content

Knowledge Hypermarket
Knowledge Hypermarket is the first in the world, where all the “school materials” is concentrated in one place. There are 200 000 visits daily from 58 countries. logo
Case lesson
"Mobile Phone is my everything!" is very popular and useful. It gives deep knowledge, wide erudition, soft personal skills and future perspectives.

Educational Environment

The Global Network

Reviews on the 7W Project

Christopher Rowe, Principal of Dullwich College (England)

I do bless stars for such possibility to communicate with GRAND Lyceum teachers, who were the first to start this 7-stars Global Network . This is a great place. They are only few in the world. And I am happy to support this project, which runs for educational excellence. I am impressed with those a...

Yuriy Yekhanurov, Prime-Minister of Ukraine (2005-2006)

This is an indispensable educational project. It contains all needed elements: Global dimensions, new content, technologies, and business attractiveness. This is a product of future vision, thoroughgoing researches in combination with unique findings, which declares how wise and exciting the system ...

Leonid Kadeniuk, The first astronaut of Ukraine

The deeper knowledge a person gains, the wider range of skills and in more fields he or she may employ them. Consequently, his or her life is getting more and more interesting in good intellectual environment. This book shows how to gain such knowledge and how to make our life deeper and fuller.

Vitaly Klitchko, Champion of the World, Mayor of Kiev, Capitol of Ukraine

The Global Chain of 7-star schools 7W will be a mainstream of new era. The education blast has matured long since. The social order has already changed, but the education itself still follows the old path. This Project is the breakthrough to the future and the knockdown of the present educational st...

Don Petry, President of Accreditation International (Ai, USA)

I have participated in many accreditation projects of the best private schools in the world. In addition, what I have found in the Project of 7-star schools is amazing. It reflects dreams of all parents and teachers since the last decades. The education must be wise, modern, and relevant. This inter...

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